Guided stargazing:

You lie in the middle of nature and look relaxed into the night sky. Everyday life feels light years away, finally you come to rest. Music plays softly. Then a warm voice takes you on your personal journey to the stars. She tells you about the Big Dipper, for example. Did you know that it is only part of a larger constellation, the Big Dipper? While listening, you will not only learn a lot. You can literally lose yourself in the vastness of the night sky – completely detached. And you will also learn some practical tricks on how to see as many stars as possible. All this is included in the VISIT DARK SKIES® listening experience. Lie under a canopy of stars and be enchanted.

25 minutes of audio play – Available at Gut Pohnstorf. If you are interested, just ask us:

Why in Pohnstorf?

Pohnstorf is one of the darkest places in the country due to the low light pollution. Star images can be seen clearly and distinctly in Pohnstorf. The Milky Way is clearly visible, as hardly anywhere else in Germany.