A love story inMecklenburg Switzerland

Kamila and Fabian 2017: Berliners, big city dwellers, cyclists, non-car owners, managers, full-time jobs, flexible, decidedly urban. We were Berliners and liked it this way. Property, a mortgage? No, thank you! That much security only drags you down. Did we want to leave Berlin? Absolutely not.

What did we do to wind down? Spend weekends in Mecklenburg, in “Big Sky Country”. With a landscape so vast, yet so close to Berlin. Here, each season displays its own particular beauty in all its glory. Our kids? They had disappeared by the time we had finished breakfast (if they could wait that long). They would run through meadows and fields, have adventures, reappear for dinner (usually) and then disappear again. And there was always a lake somewhere for a quick swim or where we could catch dinner.

Then, at the end of 2017, there was a casual mention that one of the manor houses was for sale.  “Let’s just have a look…” and then it hit us: “This is where we belong!” It all happened very quickly: Within four months financing had been secured, one of us left our job and in the blink of any eye we were standing in our very own country manor. This time as the hosts. Our biggest adventure yet. We have the privilege of living where others spend their holidays. We work hard so that you – our guests – have a pleasant, relaxing, unforgettable visit.

In short: a dream, our dream. This is how it begins.

We, Kamila, Fabian, Emil and Olivia, invite you to be our guests. To let time pass at its own pace, to create and to dream. We are sure you will enjoy it here as much as we do. And we will do everything we can to make sure that you do.

We look forward to seeing you!

Kamila and Fabian